“ if you build it they will come” image
INSURTIX was originally designed out of an understanding of the needs and difficulties of insurance business environment: impossible costs of maintaining existing systems, lack of support for innovative products, endless systems and integrations and an understanding that insurance operations need the winning combination of a flexible but proven product.

INSURTIX was designed by Ronen Fischer, co-founder at CodeOasis software house, with a real vision to transform and give every insurance business a complete end-to-end solution that can integrate into existing systems with the understanding that it has the ability to inherit them if required, And at the same time it can be a complete a-z product for any new insurance activity without (almost) the need for additional systems.

INSURTIX has been active for several years among insurers and insurance agencies and impressively succeeds in fulfilling the goal and vision on which it was established, with the results speaking for themselves....


Enjoy the power of 15 years of experience in building information systems for insurers, using the latest technologies and service excellence

Code Oasis Group

Insurtix platform was born in a leading boutique software house in Israel - CodeOasis with extensive experience in the development of a variety of advanced systems and digital applications in the field of insurance and finance based on the most innovative methodologies and technological development tools in quality, stable and secure code. CodeOasis serves as a technological arm for many companies in Israel and around the world including consumers entities (such as Super-Pharm, Osem, Electra, Yes, Maccabi Health Insurance), companies in the financial and insurance fields (such as AIG, Discount Bank, Menora Mivtachim, Psagot, Altshuler-Shaham) and technology companies ( Such as ECI, Moovit, Gett, Wix)

Dedicated insurance development teams

Insurtix platform created by an experienced teams in building innovative customized digital solutions for insurance entities for many years including core platforms and advanced information systems on all kind of insurance lines of products

Developing AI abilities for insurance

We are in an advanced process of developing an artificial intelligence engine for learning and analyzing sales and service data processes to improve results as well as rating and awarding a score to a potential digital insurance renewal by a customer

Service Excellence

Our experience of over 15 years in the development and support of development processes in insurance companies serves us in providing a professional and reliable service 24/7

Insurtix platform was created by CodeOasis - a leading software company in Israel, specialized on advanced InsurTech technologies and responsible for the technological establishment of leading insurance companies in Israel.